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One of the big buzz words from this last decade is the word “selfie,” and now it even has a day of it’s own. That’s right! June 21st is National Selfie Day.

Selfie became a part of our vocabulary, and in November 2013, the Oxford English Dictionary declared it the Word Of The Year. I hope that fact pops up in bar trivia for you so you can impress your teammates!

Thanks to this word, we now have hashtags like #dogselfie to compile amazingly adorable pup pics.

Here are some of the most dapper dog selfies on Instagram right now!

1. The Tongue Out #DogSelfie

2. The Surprise Rear Camera #DogSelfie

3. The Woke Up Late #DogSelfie

4. The Day By The Pool #DogSelfie

5. The Boop-able Snoot #DogSelfie

6. The Lovey Dovey #DogSelfie

7. The “How Do You Work This Thing?” #DogSelfie

8. The Out For A Walk #DogSelfie

9. The Dating Profile Pic #DogSelfie

10. The Snuggling With Bae #DogSelfie

Do We Have To Keep Saying Selfie?

As much as we love taking them, “selfie” may also be one of the most hated and overused words today. For the record a selfie is a close up picture of your face with an arm out of the frame cause it’s taking the picture–unless you are using a selfie stick, in which case you may see the stick.

The word is used too often, but that’s okay. There are worse things in the world going on. It’s definitely still a buzzword, so people will want to squeeze it in here and there.

I think we all know these dogs (probably) didn’t actually take their own pictures, so I’m using it pretty loosely, myself.

Love it or hate it, the word is here to stay!

What do you think of the decade’s new word? Do you love selfies or hate them? Are they better with dogs in them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and please share pictures of your pup’s selfie!

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