(Picture Credit: John McKeen/Getty Images)July 31st and December 2nd are both celebrated as National Mutt Day!There’s no need to settle on one breed when you can have a whole bunch rolled into one package. Mutts are just awesome, and there are plenty of advantages to having a mixed-breed dog.Here are a few reasons our non-purebred buddies are so great.1. They Tend To Have Fewer Health Problems (Picture Credit: Getty Images)Purebred dogs are often mated with their own kind, which means they aren’t that genetically different.Combining breeds allows for a bit more mixing. So some of the recessive disorders of certain breeds are drowned out by the dominant genes of other breeds.This means your mutt is more likely to escape the hereditary conditions of their parents, so they’ll be healthier for longer.2. They Come Cheap (Photo by: Arterra/UIG via Getty Images)It can be quite expensive to buy from a dog breeder. Why not just pop down to the shelter and see what’s up with some of their pups?Adopting from a shelter is a great way to save a dog who needs some love, and adoption fees are fairly low, especially compared to the hundreds or thousands of dollars you may have to pay a breeder. Is it really worth it just to say your buddy comes from top stock?The pooches at the shelter might not be purebreds, but they’ll love you just the same.3. They’re Less Likely To Be Stolen (Photo Credit: Shutterstock)You know another advantage of coming cheap? Your dog probably won’t fetch a high price for criminals looking to steal and sell them for profit.It’s unfortunate that this type of crime even exists, and we wish no dogs would ever be taken from their families, but it happens. And purebred dogs are far more likely to be taken.4. They Don’t Look Like Every Other Dog (Photo by: Arterra/UIG via Getty Images)When I say Golden Retriever, you have a good image in your mind of what that dog looks like. But if I say Sheltie–Poodle–Dachshund mix, you’ll probably have a tough time picturing it.Mutts are unique and special. If you have one, you’ll probably be the only person in your town with a pup like yours.Even pups of the same litter can look very different.5. They Get The Best Of Both Worlds (Picture Credit: Getty Images)Each breed has personality traits, and mutts get a grab bag of whatever they’re made of. They may get the intelligence of a Border Collie with the loyalty of a Labrador, or the independence of a Shar Pei, or the love for tracking of a Bloodhound.You’ll have a one-of-a-kind dog who will be a lot of fun to get to know.6. They’re Easier To Keep Happy (Picture Credit: Getty Images)With fewer health problems comes fewer vet visits. That makes for a happy pup.Also, mixed-breeds tend to have fewer grooming needs–of course, depending on what kind of coat they have–because you probably won’t be entering them in breed competitions. That means you’ll spend less time brushing and more time playing.This will also keep the dollars from flying out of your wallet as quickly, which means more cash for chew toys.7. Breeder Shopping Is Hard Work (Photo Credit: Shutterstock)If you’re looking for a breeder, you’re going to have to do your research. You’ll need to check out reviews and gather info on their background. It’s a pain.If you go down to your shelter or rescue, you can pick from all kinds of pups and skip all the research. Just play with them for a bit and let the bond you form be your guide.Do you have a special mutt in your life? What do you love about having a mixed-breed dog? Let us know in the comments below!Source

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