To have a pet should not imply that you and your family would have to sacrifice vacations, a business trip, a free weekend or even a one-night party. If that moment of temporary separation from our faithful friend comes, we should make our best efforts to make it a non-traumatic moment for the dog and for ourselves.

Let’s explore some formulas from the simpler to the most complex one.

Leave your pet with a friend or a neighbor:

Since we are acquainted with them, we know beforehand what their attitude toward dogs is. If they have dogs, better yet as our pet will have the opportunity of socializing with other dogs.

Hire a specialized dog-sitter in the neighborhood:

There are some firms and persons specialized in taking care of your dog in their own places. For a fee, they will board your pet in a clean and airy location. Additionally, they will follow your instructions regarding feeding, walking, bath and general hygiene norms. You may consult or to learn about this type of services.

Drop your pet in a traditional kennel:

Those places usually board their canine users in metal cages aligned one besides the other in closed areas. If you ever visit a traditional kennel you will see how your presence triggers a barking-concert offered by the actual guests. In those places, it’s likely that your pet will not get to find the necessary peace required for a sound rest. Besides, if your dog is used to move freely at home, he will feel quite uncomfortable trapped in a small cage.

Booking in a Luxury hotel for dogs:

Unlike traditional kennels, luxury hotels offer a variety of services designed to pamper their guests. Here, pets will receive a VIP treatment regarding “suites” finely furnished, walking, grooming, training and exercises. In some cases, you will access to video cameras to watch on real time your pet’s activity.

Try an open boarding:

Those are locations with no cages where the guests mingle among themselves, sleep in any of the multiple beds and play freely under the supervision of some specialized workers. In these case, dog’s socialization is of the essence.

Some issues of importance:

Before dropping your dog for boarding, you may check some issues of interest. First, be sure that boarders demand from other dog-owner’s the issuance of the required vaccine’s certifications; Second, ask for the rules of feeding and be prepared to bring your dog’s food to the place of boarding. Never let the responsibility of choosing your pet’s food to third parties; Third, be sure that there is a veterinary service at hand in case of an emergency; Fourth, find out how dogs are induced to do their physiological needs.

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