(Picture Credit: K_Thalhofer/Getty Images)Can dogs eat ice? You might be asking this because you are looking for a cold summer treat for your dog, or maybe because some ice fell out of the freezer door and your pup accidentally ate some ice. Humans can eat ice, but is it also safe for dogs to eat?The short answer is yes, dogs can eat ice. As long as the pieces are small enough to where your dog won’t choke, ice is perfectly safe for them. In fact, crushed ice makes a refreshing and hydrating treat for your dog on those hot, summer days.Of course, there are exceptions, as can be the case with dogs who have frequent dental issues, recent dental work, or sensitive teeth. So, as always, you must ask your vet before sharing any human food or drinks with your dog, including ice. Here’s what you should know about feeding ice to dogs.How Is Ice Good For Dogs?Giving your dog ice or putting ice in your dog’s water are great ways to make sure they’re staying hydrated. They can also cool your dog down on a hot day.Putting ice in your dog’s water bowl or giving your dog ice chips instead of a big bowl of water can also be ways for them to stay hydrated without taking in water too quickly, which can lead to a potentially deadly condition called bloat in some breeds.You can even add an appropriate amount dog-safe herbs, like mint, to help keep your dog’s breath fresh.How Can I Safely Feed Ice To My Dog? (Picture Credit: Photoboyko/Getty Images)Always ask your vet before feeding human foods and drinks to your dog. Your vet can tell you if your dog can handle ice.In order to keep your dog safe, make sure to give your dog small pieces of ice that they will not be able to choke on. To be safe, it’s best to stick to crushed ice, especially with smaller dogs.Like when you fill your dog’s water bowl, be sure to use clean water to make the ice cubes you plan to feed to your dog.Also, even with larger dogs, avoid big or incredibly dense, hard pieces of ice. If your dog likes to chew, a particularly tough piece of ice could easily chip their teeth.You can add ice to your dog’s water, but some dogs prefer to just have ice separately. See what your dog prefers!Does your dog enjoy ice as a treat? Do you use any dog-safe ingredients to flavor ice for your pup? Share your recipes in the comments below!Source

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