To have a pet should not imply that you and your family would have to sacrifice vacations, a business trip, a free weekend or even a one-night party. If that moment of temporary separation from our faithful friend comes, we should make our best efforts to make it a non-traumatic moment for the dog and for ourselves.

In view of the huge dimension of the animal food industry, producers face increasing levels of competition up to the point that their products are subject to a permanent process of innovation and a variety of marketing alternatives. Now, pet owners have a plethora of options regarding nutrients, prices and pet-tasty products.

The universe of pet food brands is highly regulated and have undergone rigorous veterinary testing. This means that consumers could generally trust the text of every can or bag of pet food sold in the Market.

There are two big categories of industrial food for dogs: Wet food and dry food. If we compare them both we will refine our capacity to decide which one is better for our pets.

Wet food generally is canned and contains more proteins and fresh ingredients than dry food. Besides, wet foods are more appetizing to pet’s and could be easily chewed by older dogs.

This website was inspired by the love for dogs of his creator, Alfredo Gonzalez. Being a proud owner of a female English bulldog (MAMI), Alfredo is in a permanent search for opportunities to enjoy life together with his canine best friend.

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