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Some shelter dogs have harder times finding forever homes than others. Senior dogs, certain breed mixes, dogs with disabilities, and black dogs are some of the types of dogs less likely to be adopted from animal shelters, even though they make excellent pets. That’s why Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week is so important.

Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week happens in the last week of September. That’s September 22nd to the 28th in 2019. During that time, we spread the word and encourage adopters to give these pets a chance.

If we could, we would adopt every less adoptable dog in our own communities and make sure they have the loving, stable forever home they deserve. Unfortunately, resources are limited, and there is no way to adopt them all. However, we can still do our part.

Rescues and shelters use calendar events like Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week to raise awareness, but you can help less adoptable dogs all year long with these actions.

1. Take Stunning Adoption Portraits

less adoptable black dog

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Lots of animals are looked over at shelters and rescues for a simple reason: their online photo did not do them justice.

Shelter and rescue workers have a lot on their plates just to meet these animal’s basic needs. If you have an eye for photography, help them out by offering photo sessions for less adoptable dogs, especially black dogs. The beauty of black dogs is hard to capture in a dimly lit shelter space.

Take your camera and a few dogs, maybe walk them to a local park if you can, and snap some amazing candid shots that capture their sparkling personalities.

2. Spread The Word On Social Media

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Something as small as sharing a photo of a less adoptable pup can make a huge difference in the time it takes for them to be adopted.

Lots of shelters and rescues have Facebook pages with photos and detailed descriptions of available, amazing dogs. Be sure to share, add your own little description of why this dog totally deserves an awesome home, and tag friends who may be interested.

Even if someone in your immediate social circle is not interested, they may see your post and think of someone who is. It is the butterfly effect, and it can save a dog’s life.

3. Share Your Story

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Do you already have a dog who was deemed “less adoptable?” Share your story, whether it be on social media, with a local publication, or even in casual conversation about how amazing your less adoptable pup is.

A reason why many of these less adoptable animals are overlooked is because of preconceived notions people have. For example, the idea of adopting a senior dog may be daunting simply because these pups may not have much time left, or the idea of paying for vet bills is a turn off.

If you have a senior dog who loves taking snuggly naps with you, is low maintenance in terms of exercise, and brings inexplicable joy into your life, share it! Encourage others to give a senior a chance.

4. Foster Less Adoptable Dogs

less adoptable dog with leg injury

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If your lifestyle allows it, foster a less adoptable dog and show them off like the amazing pup they are. Treat your foster dog like royalty with treats, lots of attention, and cuddles.

Living in a shelter environment can be anxiety-inducing in any animal. Combine that with a “less adoptable” look or age, and the dog’s chance at getting adopted is cut down even more.

By providing a less adoptable dog a healthy, rewarding foster life, they will become more comfortable and ready to move into their forever home.

5. Donate To Local Shelters And Rescues

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Donations don’t always have to be money, either. Gently used blankets, dog toys, and time are great ways to show less adoptable dogs that you care.

Again, shelter and rescue workers have long, grueling hours that are often also donated hours. If you can help free up some of their time by providing necessities to their dogs, they will be able to work more effectively at homing less adoptable pets.

You probably have several items shelters could use in your home already, but call ahead to see what items they’ll accept. If you don’t have anything that fits this bill, donate some of your other talents instead.

Are you amazing at graphic design? Make flyers featuring pit mixes, dogs with disabilities, or black dogs currently available at your local rescue. Consider yourself more of a writer? Spend time with less adoptable dogs and write up eye catching bios that will get them a forever home in no time.

The possibilities are endless as to how you can help.

Will you help spread the word about Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week? How else can people help dogs who have trouble finding forever homes? Let us know in the comments below!


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