(Picture Credit: Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images)Celebrities aren’t so different from ordinary people, especially when it comes to loving dogs. And it’s nice to know that no matter how rich and famous you get, you’ll still have to pick up after your pup when you go for a walk.These celebrities absolutely love their dogs and will risk getting caught by paparazzi to make sure their pooches get enough exercise–and potty breaks.Here are 30 celebrities who love their dogs.It’s great that all these famous people take such good care of their pooches.While we may not all be destined for life as a celebrity, our pups don’t mind. We’re the most famous people on the planet in their eyes.In fact, why not go above and beyond for your dog and give them a little bit of the celebrity treatment? Here are a few ways you can treat your dog like they’re famous:Do you know of any other celebrities who love their dogs? Let us know in the comments below!Source

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