(Picture Credit: Ирина Мещерякова/Getty Images)The holidays are on the way, and there’s still time to get the perfect gift for the Corgi lover in your life.Corgis are the adorable, splooting, fluffy-booty-having dogs who are too cute for the internet to resist. They may be the dogs of choice for the Queen of England, but their silly, non-royal antics have plenty of us common folk absolutely obsessed, too.If you have a friend or family member who has the Corgi fever, treat them to a gift that will help them let their Corgi flag fly. Here are ten gift ideas that will have Corgi lovers shaking their fluffy booties for joy.1. Corgi Slippers (Picture Credit: Amazon)If you have Corgis on the brain, why not have them on your feet, too? These Corgi slippers are perfect for keeping your paws nice and toasty around the house.You can get them on Amazon here!2. Corgi Coloring Book (Picture Credit: Amazon)Combine the relaxation of coloring with the joy of Corgis! This coloring book featuring Scamp the Corgi on fun adventures is great for kids and adults who want to keep it chill.You can get it on Amazon here!3. Corgi Butt Car Neck Pillow (Picture Credit: Amazon)Is there anything in the world fluffier than a Corgi booty? The soft feeling of a Corgi butt on your neck is sure to reduce soreness and road rage when you’re behind the wheel.You can get it on Amazon here!4. Corgi Plant Holder (Picture Credit: Amazon)Plants give us the oxygen we need to survive, so the least we can do is give them a cute place to live and grow. This Corgi plant holder will give your tiny plant an adorable home that’ll keep it pooping out air for years to come!You can get them on Amazon here!5. Splooting Corgi Magnets (Picture Credit; Amazon)Corgis are the best at splooting. Honor their hilarious way of relaxing every time you hang a report card, school photo, or tax return on your fridge with these splooting Corgi magnets!You can get them on Amazon here!6. Corgi Cookie Cutter (Picture Credit: Amazon)Humans deserve treats, too. With a Corgi cookie cutter, you can make delicious desserts that feature your favorite canines. Share the cookies with someone you love or gobble them up all by yourself. Like a Corgi, we won’t judge!You can get it on Amazon here!7. Corgi Butt Mouse Pad (Picture Credit; Amazon)Surfing the internet for Corgi pictures and memes can be “ruff” on the wrists. This mouse pad will let you browse for hours while being protected from your hard desk by a soft Corgi booty barrier.You can get it on Amazon here!8. Funny Corgi Security Shirt (Picture Credit: Amazon)Corgis aren’t the best watchdogs in the world, but they are definitely good at knowing when food is around. This funny “Corgi Security” shirt will put a smile on your Corgi-loving friends’ faces!You can get it on Amazon here!9. Corgi Xbox Controller Decal (Picture Credit; Amazon)Corgis don’t play video games, but they’re happy to curl up with you while you mash buttons. You’re always playing multiplayer if your Corgi is around, so show off your Corgi love with this decal for an Xbox controller!You can get it on Amazon here!10. “Corki” Wine Stopper (Picture Credit: Amazon)Sometimes you just can’t finish the whole bottle. This cute “Corki” bottle stopper will help keep your wine fresh for the next time you cuddle up with a glass and a sweet Corgi buddy for a quiet evening in.You can get it on Amazon here!What other Corgi gift ideas would you recommend for the holidays? Would you love to get a Corgi-themed gift this season? Let us know in the comments below!Related Articles:9 Howl-worthy Holiday Gift Ideas For German Shepherd Dog Lovers10 Awesome Indoor Gifts To Keep Your Pup Busy In WinterDogTime is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.Source

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