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Some people love dogs so much that they make a career out of their canine affinity.

If you absolutely can’t get enough pups in your day, there are jobs out there that can help you get your dog fix.

Here are ten dream jobs for people who adore dogs.

1. World-Traveling Dog Sitter

Malibu, California, USA

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If you want to stay in amazing places all over the world, you can do it while taking care of dogs.

There’s a site called Trusted Housesitters that lets people connect with someone who can look after their dog while they’re away so they can travel without feeling guilty about leaving their fur baby behind.

The homes are sometimes mansions with pools, massive farmhouses, and villas. You’d be dog sitting for the experience of staying in these homes, meaning you wouldn’t get paid if you go through Trusted Housesitters. However, you could start your own dog sitting business and stay in some very nice places while taking care of pups.

2. Dog Masseuse Or Masseur

dog receiving a spa treatment

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If you love petting dogs and you happen to have a healing touch, then you may want to consider giving dog massages professionally.

Dog masseuses and masseurs don’t just sit around petting pooches all day. They help dogs manage chronic pain from injuries, aging, or conditions like arthritis.

This job does require some training and certification, which you can find out more about by visiting the International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork.

3. Dog Clothing Maker

Dog bow tie

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Some people have a knack for stitching and knitting. If you’re one of those people, then you may want to put your skills to good use by making clothes for pups who could use a little extra warmth or comfort.

Plenty of people sell their creations for dogs on sites like Etsy or make their own online stores.

You can even branch out from clothing and stitch things like dog beds, stuffed animals, and toys, and you’ll get the joy of knowing that your products are going to make some pups very happy.

4. Dog Chef

Dog calmly behind their backs watches to your boss while roasted meat cuts.

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Professional chefs for dogs aren’t running restaurants for canine customers who pay in licks and barks like you may be imagining.

They are experts at nutrition for dogs, and they put that knowledge to use by creating healthy menus for catering purposes, as well as teaching dog owners what they know so they can make their own nutritious dog food instead of relying on processed, store bought food.

It takes a lot of research, but you’d get to see lots of happy pups with full bellies.

5. Dog Psychic

Dog dressed as fortune teller, at table with crystal ball

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Are you connected to dogs? Like, really connected? Maybe you have the gift of ESP when it comes to canines.

No matter what your beliefs are regarding the paranormal, there is, in fact, a huge market out there for pet psychics, and some people absolutely swear that they work for everything from improving moods to correcting behavior.

If your communication skills with dogs are so good that they seem otherworldly, then maybe a career as a dog psychic would be a good way to put those abilities to good use.

6. Dog Social Media Expert

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If you’re like me, then you probably spend a good portion of the day watching dog videos and passing dog memes to your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Why not spin that into a career?

Many dog websites and famous pooches rely on social media experts to get the word out, and part of that is sharing all the bark-worthy content on social media they can find.

You’d be able to spend your day talking to other people who love dogs and keeping up on all the latest viral pups while getting paid to do it.

7. Therapy Dog Handler

Patient and dog in hospital visiting pet program

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Therapy dogs provide a valuable service to the people they take care of. They can often be seen visiting the sites of tragedies to comfort victims, going to hospitals to help patients recover, or taking trips to nursing homes to help relieve loneliness and share love with seniors.

These dogs need handlers who can train and register them, as well as transport the pups to where they are needed. This is mainly a volunteer position, so it’s not exactly a paying job.

That said, when you see the smiles on faces of people who are struggling as they get to pet and love on the pooches you handle, you’ll feel better than any paycheck could make you feel.

8. Dog Photographer

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Dog photographers don’t just need to have an artistic eye, they also need to be good at getting dogs to behave for the camera and knowing the right moment to snap a picture before a pup gets distracted.

Plenty of people hire pet photographers to capture memories of their animal friends, but that’s not all you can do as a dog photographer. Some have made a career out of using their Photoshop skills to create amazing works of art.

9. Dog Walker

Walking a Senior Mastiff

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Dog walking is a classic job for dog lovers, and there are plenty of perks on the job. You get to spend tons of time with pups, enjoy the outdoors, and get in a good workout.

You also get all the benefits of enjoying the company of pooches without having to pay vet bills or do the hard work that comes from actually owning a dog.

I spent a few years as a dog walker, myself, and it was a blast. The pay wasn’t great, but it was enough to get by, and it was certainly better that working in a cubicle.

Who wouldn’t want to spend a work day hanging out with dogs?

10. Dog Party Planner

Party Dog

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You may have spent your dog’s birthday cooking an extra special meal or taking a surprise trip to the dog park, but some people–people with a lot of money–go a little bit further when it comes to celebrating their pup’s special day.

Pet party planners are a real thing, and they go all out for doggy celebrations. They coordinate caterers, choose decor, create invitations, plan special events, and make dogs feel like stars.

If you have a talent for putting together a good get-together, then you may want to try using those skills to throw parties for pups.

What other dream jobs are there for dog lovers? Do you get to share your love of pups at your job? Let us know in the comments below!


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